Teacher Testimonial – thank you for your support!

Teacher Testimonial – thank you for your support! At BrightSpark Teachers we endeavour to match great teachers to great schools. We love hearing how happy our teachers are after they have started their new roles, and how they found the BrightSpark recruitment experience:

Thank you so much for your support.  After an initial mix up on arrival at my new school and country, I was grateful that I was able to share with BrightSpark what was happening and you immediately stepped in and the situation has now been resolved. I am in a great position and I am loving the children and have made a wonderful connection with them.

I must say that I have used other Recruitment Agencies in the past but yours supersedes them all in terms of care and support, I plan to stick with you all.  Not only were you very professional, but you stayed in contact before, during and well after the contract was signed. You not only took the time to listen to what was a misunderstanding between myself and the School, but you stepped in and spoke on my behalf.  Your client and I have nothing but respect for you and Bright Spark Teachers. I will proudly tell any teacher if they are looking for an honest recruitment agency, “Bright Spark” is it from start to finish.

An American Teacher who recently commenced a position with an international school in the UAE.

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