Meet Dave – The Stay Abroad Dad!

Meet Dave – The Stay Abroad Dad!

BrightSpark Teachers are delighted to introduce you to Dave – The Stay Abroad Dad!

Dave recently moved to Malaysia with his family and has set up a blog where he describes, in a practical and fun way, the ups and downs of moving overseas and being a stay at home Dad.

I am going to talk about how we survive the heat, the cultural differences, the lifestyle change, the travel and all the other challenges that being a stay at home Dad abroad, brings.

Please read Dave’s welcome to you all: WELCOME

BrightSpark Teachers are very pleased that Dave is allowing us to share his blogs, we hope you find them useful, helpful and they bring a smile to your face!

Check out Dave’s page THE STAY ABROAD DAD – he would love you to join his community.  Please like, share and comment on his blogs!  He looks forward to hearing from you.