Location: Bahrain an island in the Gulf Region

Location: Bahrain an island in the Gulf region.

Officially it is known as the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is most closely connected to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahad Causeway; however it is seen as one of the more liberal countries in the Gulf.

Oil was discovered in Bahrain in 1932 (the first in the Arabian side of the Gulf). In recent decades, Bahrain has sought to diversify its economy and be less dependent on oil by investing in the banking sector and tourism. The country’s capital, Manama, is home to many large financial structures, including the Bahrain World Trade Centre and the Bahrain Financial Harbour. The Qal’at al-Bahrain and the Bahrain pearling trail were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005 and 2012, respectively. The Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix takes place at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Education – As in other countries, the Bahraini school system is divided into government and private schools. Expats are not allowed to attend government schools and must look to the private sector, therefore your package should include adequate provision for school fees.

The range and quality of preschooling and primary schooling in Bahrain is excellent, offering facilities often far better than local state schools back home.

Weather – winter in Bahrain can be as cold as 10°C and occurs between December and February. Summer sees highs of up to 40°C and it is hottest between the months of July and September. The remaining months of the year are warm and pleasant with the occasional breeze.

Shopping – A highlight of shopping in Bahrain is looking for pearls. In Bahrain natural pearls are still garnered from the island’s healthy oyster beds, in a revival of this heritage industry. You can even try pearl diving for yourself!

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