Keeping in touch in a crisis

It’s more important now than ever to stay in touch, whether that’s with family, friends, our colleagues. Here are some favourite ways of catching up (all while social distancing).


Until around March, many of us hadn’t even heard of video conferencing platform Zoom. But with lockdown and working from home now in full swing, we’re now finding ourselves spending a lot of our weekdays (and weekends) tuned in.

The platform offers video calling, file sharing and screen sharing, and is free for up to 100 participants, making it a brilliant choice for catching up with family, friends and colleagues.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration tools on the market, and it’s likely you’ll already be using it for chats and file sharing. If you haven’t already tried its video calling tool, it’s about time you did. Whether it’s for office-wide catch-up calls, or quick chats between smaller teams, the platform offers everything you need to stay in touch.

With easy integration it’s never been easier to set up Outlook meetings, share files and continue working together, no matter how far apart we may be.

Ring, ring…

The camera isn’t for everyone, and while tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow users to disable their camera, some of us are simply more comfortable speaking on the phone.

Give texting a try

Keeping up doesn’t always have to mean using our vocal cords. If you, or any of your contacts aren’t comfortable speaking over the phone, there’s always texting. WhatsApp and iMessage are both great options for sending updates on how your day’s going, what you’ve been up to, and generally checking in.

And just because phone and camera aren’t for you, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams also have a live chat feature, so family, friends and colleagues can stay involved with video calls without having to show their face or home.

Remember, check in and chat regularly, whichever way is best for you.

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