Happy Holidays to all Teachers!

The summer holidays have arrived – you need to relax, recharge and have some much-deserved down time.

Some teachers will be thinking that 2018 is the time to make a change.  A new role, a new school, perhaps a new country may be on the cards!  You may not want to spend your holidays trawling through websites.  At BrightSpark Teachers we help by introducing teachers to great roles and great schools, in many locations around the world.

So before you get too much into holiday mode, send us your updated CV and let us know what you’re looking for and when a job comes up that we think you may be interested in we will get in touch. There’s no commitment and no hassle from us, and always someone on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Email your CV to info@brightsparkteachers.co.uk and tell us what you are looking for!

Register your information here.

Check for current opportunities on our Teaching Jobs page.


Happy holidays!