Economics and Business Teacher – Beijing

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Location: Beijing, China

Start Date: Aug 2017

About the Position

We are recruiting an A level Economics and Business Studies teacher to teach in Beijing from August 2017. We are looking for teachers who are experienced in teaching Economics and Business Studies at iGCSE and A-level. A teaching qualification is not mandatory for this position, with a good degree and teaching experience.

This school follows the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus for iGCSE and A-Level. The school was one of the first to introduce the  UK national curriculum in China, and has an excellent reputation both in Beijing and around China. After their studies, many students will go on to study at top university internationally.

The school aims to provide a a positive, hard-working learning environment which is a mix of Chinese cultural values and an international perspective.

Why Beijing?

As one of the world’s great ancient capitals, Beijing has a long and interesting history. The cities modern buildings stand next to the Beijing palace complexes which makes an impressive skyline. Beijing is a great example of how much its changed over the last century. The travel industry is booming after its economic reforms of 1978 and is now a global leader in tourism. Beijing is famed for its rich culture. You can relax in the beautiful parks and gardens or explore the temples and tombs. With its many universities and artistic treasures it is considered a center for culture and art in China.

The school is located centrally in Xicheng District, or ‘West District’. It is the largest portion of the old town and is subdivided into 15 sub districts of the city. The city has an extensive subway system and bus routes. This makes it easy to get around with a travel card. Taxis are also economical during the day.

If you’d like a helpful guide to moving, living and working in Beijing please see here. –

About the School

The school follows the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus, specialising in full-time education, at iGCSE And A-Level. The great response from students and parents have helped the school to become one of the preferred educators in the area, with a great deal of success with it's graduating students. The impressive school building is located in green, spacious surroundings and equipped with world class facilities.

Qualification and Requirements

The applicant should be an A Level Economics and Business Studies teacher with two years of experience or more. They should demonstrate a high level of commitment to teaching excellence and understand the importance of being a team player. Candidates must hold a Bachelor degree or above in the relevant subject and a teaching qualification is preferred, but not mandatory. If the candidate does not hold a teaching certificate they must have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience.

Job Code: BS014-1 Economics & Business
Job Posted: 11 April 2017